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includes your idea.


Let's begin with your idea


The idea for apps is the starting point. We design the application from scratch and visualize your ideas. We analyze and we choose the right technologies to

create a website, mobile applications or embedded equipment. Our design and software specialists

are always on guard project security. We are creative, so if you don't know all the answers yourself, we will find them for you.


The next important step is brainstorming. Our PM will prepare a project plan and delegate tasks. We are active and willing to share our knowledge. Then you will receive visualizations from us based on your requirements. Our graphic designers will prepare modern mock-ups. A wide range of technologies allows for effective use of the capabilities of the platforms we write for. Scrum, in which we work, guides us agilely through the stages of implementation.


After the tests, we introduce the software to the market. AppStore and PlayStore require project care

and coordination of changes brought about by technological development. Our projects are surrounded by constant care by our developers, and the full responsibility we take for the created software guarantees reliability and possible adaptation for the future. 

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We create your project 

Minimalist Neutral Multi Device Computer Mockup Website Launch Instagram Post-3.png
Projekt bez tytułu-79.png

* We complete the required formalities regarding data confidentiality.

Thanks to our approach, you can be sure that your ideas are protected by law. 

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Who we are?

Our plans 

We are people with enthusiasm for creating software and electronic systems. We pay attention to the efficient implementation of the software development process. Reacting to the needs of the market, we want to give you the opportunity to implement 

projects in Software & Hardware Segment. Our completed projects are our business card. 

Over the years, we have been gaining knowledge working on start-ups. We created software and electronic solutions. We work in the latest technologies, constantly expanding horizons. Our comprehensive skills allow for quick adaptation to changes and trends on the IT market. At AppCoders, we focus on "delivering" projects to the end.

We work with specialists in the field of IT law, cybersecurity, 3d modeling and AI. 

The unique approach to project management allows for timeliness and outstanding reliability. The best minds in the industry are an investment that will result in your satisfaction in the future

and efficiently running business.

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Projekt bez tytułu-81.png
Projekt bez tytułu-87.png

Matthew || Java Fullstack DEV, C++

Software director

Luke || UI UX, PM, IOT Emdedded 

New Business Director


Nasz proces



Dokładnie badamy dostarczone rysunki, modele i dokumenty, aby dokładniej zrozumieć ich elementy. Następnie, na podstawie tych informacji, tworzymy projekt techniczny, który pozwoli na skuteczne wykonanie zadania.



Do you want to evaluate your idea?

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